LGBTQ+ Initiative for WorldCon76

Another fine attendance initiative for this year’s Worldcon!

Amazing Stories supported John Picacio’s Mexicanx Initiative, a program to help fund Mexican author, artist and fan attendance at Worldcon in San Jose.

Now Chuck Serface is doing the same for the LGBTQ community, and Amazing Stories has donated to this program as well.

Give it a look!

Over the decades, marginalized groups have felt reticent about attending Worldcon, and understandably so. To address this lack of diversity, the LGBTQ+* Initiative for Worldcon 76 was launched to open the door further by providing sponsored memberships to deserving LGBTQ+* professionals and fans who want to join the Worldcon community. We need new faces and energy! To donate or to apply, follow this link:

*Upon recent query, Mr. Serface assures us “Intersex is included. The whole spectrum is included.”  At his request we have added the + to indicate that the lettering is meant to be all inclusive.

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