JO PHAN’S READS: This Week in Fanzines

A very fine crop indeed! NOW with links to FANAC!

16 January 2017 Added page for iOTA, a fanzine with news of Leigh Edmonds’ Australian fandom history project
16 January 2017 Added Steve Stiles’s SAM #18 (2016 publication)
16 January 2017 Added Opuntia #364 and archive issues 11.1, 11.5, 63.5B, 64.1B, 64.1C, edited by Dale Speirs
16 January 2017 The Spring 2017 edition of the Science Fact Science Fiction Concatenation is now on line
16 January 2017 Added Wolf von Witting’s CounterClock #27
16 January 2017 Added John Thiel’s The PDF Dragon #8
16 January 2017 Added Arthur D. Hlavaty’s  Nice Distinctions #30
16 January 2017 Added Charles Rector’s Fornax #14
16 January 2017 Added Tim Bolgeo’s The Revenge of Hump Day, 11 January 2017
16 January 2017 Added Ray Palm’s The Ray X X-rayer #130


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