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     E. M. Fonermeghans-dragon-e-book: Meghan’s Dragon

    Seventeen-year old Meghan doesn’t remember her childhood and practices magic in secret. Her sole ambition is to bring a warrior’s soul from Dark Earth to become her dragon and protect her while she develops into a mage. When her interpretation of a Dark Earth death vision goes awry, Meghan gets both more and less than she bargained for.

    Bonus: The author maintains a list of free SciFi classics for Kindle on his website that includes a lot of historical works important to the development of SciFi.
    theonethousand_omnibus-v2-2coverbigJohn Walters: Bedlam Battle

    In the late 1960s, humans and sympathetic aliens based out of Haight/Ashbury struggle to stop alien-possessed psychopaths intent on a murderous rampage. Four science fiction thrillers in one volume.


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