ALLSCIFI Chat Tonight


    This is your weekly wake-up call concerning All Sci-Fi’s Friday Live Chat.

    The feature is 20 Million Miles to Earth, and the chat starts at 8:30 EASTERN STANDARD TIME (which means 5:30 pm for people on the West Coast).

    The link to the chat room is on the All Sci-Fi thread at the link below, along with the simple instructions about how to log in.

    PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLIER THAN 8:30, because I have to open the chat room myself and set the password “rocket”, so that strangers don’t just wander in and start asking us who we are.

    The Sci-Fi Summer Series ends on July 29th, and so far I haven’t gotten any suggestions for movies we could schedule for the Sci-Fi Fall Series. Please send me PMs on All Sci-Fi or emails here with your suggestions. I want to schedule movies you folks would like to see.

    But you have to tell me what those movies are!

    See you in the chat room tonight.



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