AMAZING NEWS: 3/27/2016

Short and sweet this week

SPECIAL NOTE: T-Minus 5 Days and Counting till Hugo Award nominations close  (3/31/16)

OTHER SPECIAL NOTE:  The ten authors who won the Gernsback Science Fiction Short Story Writing Contest last year – S.A. Barton, Matthew Downer, James Harper, Vince Liberato, Jeremy LIchtman, Sean Monaghan, Stephen Power, Alex Schvartsman, Karen Skovmand, and Trent Walters – are in the process of reviewing and signing their contracts – which means that very soon now we’ll be bringing you these contest winning stories!


Deny Terrorists Their Victories

Watch:  the evolution of women on TV


Original Star Trek vs ‘New’ Star Trek

Star Wars Comic set to music

More Otto Binder Letters

…and more On Chicago SF


StarShipSofa is eligible for Hugo Award nomination

Fan Recounts Brussels Bombings

New Release:  Railroad Stories

New Small Press


The Space Race – as it might have been

Bob Ebeling, Dead at 89

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