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Ten Years After Dorothy’s Red Shoes Stolen:  $1 Million Reward Offered (for $3 Million Pair of Shoes)  (Lol, I might give them up if they didn’t fit!)


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Mythwits Interviews Jack Clemons; Inkitt Fated Paradox Contest Winners


USA Wins Women’s World Cup Soccer Championship

Race Revisited

Call For Presidential Science Debate

African Sci Fi

A View of Radical Leftists From the Other Side

races illoNew Book Shows Benefits of Space Research

“Repeat after me:  ‘you were only following orders’..”.APA Psychologists Collaborated with Pentagon & CIA to Justify Torture

Congressgeek John Lewis Promotes His Comic Book on Selma March at SDCC

First Female Writer to Get a Marvel Screen Credit Turns to Comics


Hai!  Japan Accepts Giant Robot Fight Challenge

We might Have Had A Different John Carter & More Carter

GRRM Wants To Give You A Date – 12 Months Worth

Joyce Carol Oates on the Intimacy of Reading

Snoopy Drone!

Deadpool-350x21720 Century Fox Makes Splash at SDCC

New Dawn of Justice Trailer (with Wonder Woman)

Petco Offers New Line:  Bo may not be happy

Lady Sif to Appear in Thor: Ragnarock

Stan Lee’s Cameo on Deadpool:  Barker for a Strip Club

X-Men Apocalypse Footage

LEGO Avengers Characters

Suicide Squad Cast

Man in the High Castle Trailer

Man From U.N.C.L.E. Trailer

SDCC Cosplay Photo Galleries

Colony Trailer

suicide-squad-headerAll Hail Bruce Campbell!

THIS is What Little Alex Should Have Been Forced To Watch!

Customize and 3D Print Comic Book Characters

Ghostbusters Uniforms!

Alien Action Figures


Presidents of SFWA Discuss Joining:  Incomer Cat Rambo & Outgoer Steven Gould Video

Blaine Gibson, Disney Animator


NASA Chooses:  Leading Technology Proposals

image108-e1436687031520Westercon 68 Fannish Inquisition

The Life Cycle of Science and Science Fiction

Rod Serling on SF & F

Satellite Imagery Used To Analyze Business Performance

Interview with Allen Steele – Because We Like Him

Signing Up For Comcast “High Speed” Internet is a Slow Process

Trekkies & Other Fandoms Targeted For Surveillance:  Because they “might boldly go a little too far one day”

Amazon’s Review Process Won’t Allow “Friends” To Post Positive Reviews


New Horizons – NASA Summary

walking-machine-main-imageSpace Clouds

M43 – Gorgeous!

Talk About Jumping the Gun:  Some Claim Life on Comet 67P

Drones For Mars

Monkey Brains Wired Together Via Computer Network:  Shades of Slaveship

Pluto’s Geology Revealed

20 Foot Sea Level Rise Already!

“Meet your new Mercury Commercial Spaceflight Astronauts!”

AntaresRho_Noller_1080Updated Coverage for New Horizons Fly-By

Two Legged Robot Walks – Even Without Red Slippers

New Ancestor of Triceratops Discovered

Who Needs An AT-AT?

Shirt Lights Up When Hit by Bluetooth Signal

m43_mmirsBeletskyChilingarian (1)


Jack Clemons, author of our popular Apollo & Space Shuttle history posts, is interviewed by the Mythwits Podcast from Studio 187


The winning stories of the Fated Paradox contest are revealed and are waiting to be read. Which one are you going to enjoy first?

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Winners of the Fated Paradox Contest

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Site Updates – June 2013

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