Gore 101 with Make up Artist Jamie Scott

Since zombies seem to be the thing these days, here’s an Amazing Gore 101 Primer

Google search SF, fantasy and horror and you’ll come across a score of freaky faces, bloody bodies and chilling creatures.

Even fantasy in film shoots out gore, guts and mythical monsters. If you have doubts, ask Peter Jackson or James Cameron!  Imagination takes the genre to another world!

As we progress in technology, the illustration, gaming and film industries have a field day playing with all the new toys. So naturally, talent creeps out of the woodwork (literally) onto our computer and movie screens in the form of artists who love rolling up their sleeves to create a firework display of fantastical super beings, inside and out, all for the purpose of entertaining us.

MyIMG_20140628_235819 good friend Jamie Scott has worked in both theater and film. She’s offered a short ‘Gore 101′ course just for Amazing Stories.

Asked how she got into stage makeup Jamie says, “In high school I was the girl who did everyone’s makeup. It just kept up through my life. I started my training 10 years ago working at beauty counters such as Estee Lauder, Clinque and Lancome. I later moved on to working as a freelance makeup artist and spray tanner doing bridal, prom and special events for clients. I began to get  the theater bug 7 years ago to fulfill a need to expand my makeup knowledge. Working on such grand theater productions such as Into The Woods, Peter Pan, Rocky Horror and Pirates Penance gave me the opportunity to really be creative in my art. 2 years ago I arrived on my first film set. It was exactly what I needed to further my creative outlet. Doing film especially HD film is very different from theater. I was quickly learning to make effects look realistic.”


So Jamie, please do show us!!

Step 1: Apply liquid latex to the skin in desired area

Step 2: Take a cotton ball and form a small amount to spread out

20140707_145455Step 3: Form a cotton ball to create ridges and holes


Step 4: Cover with liquid latex and allow to dry


Step 5: Paint green black and other colors to create dimension
I like to use Ben Nye paint


Step 6: Paint red blood and veins to tie it into the rest of the skin and finish the look



IMG_20140517_144916Jamie has done theater production make up for Man from La Mancha, Peter Pan, Into the Woods, Oklahoma,  Rocky Horror, Pirates Penance, South Pacific, Freak Like Me, Guys and Dolls, and is currently  working on a theater production of Les Miserables.

Her films include The Olympians Series, Tears of the Fallen, A Person Known to Me,Kill Her- pickup, Money and Betrayal, Mayors of Liberty Music video, Dead Weight- Teaser, Harvest –Teaser, M is for Mackinaw, All For Love, Alistair, Orca Comercial Shoot, I Don’t Believe in Ghosts, and Choose

Jamie has worked with Kate Dixson Killer Makeup FX, Allen Esparza, Epic Sanchez Productions, Ryan Herring, Dave Shector and has recently begun her own production company

Diabolic Damsel. We are a full service production company.  Script to Screen we get the job done. 

Our mission is to ensure that your creative idea comes to fruition.  We provide you with the means to bring your script to life on the big screen.  We handle everything from funding, marketing, distribution, casting, pre-production, production and post production.

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