Congratulations Detcon1!

Reports from the street indicate that everyone at Detcon1 is having a marvelous time!

By all reports received so far, Detcon1 is progressing just fine!

featured detcon 1 free subAmazing Stories is offering all members of Detcon1 a free, 1 year subscription level membership, so we’re very happy to see that people are happy with the convention – we think happy fans will be more likely to take us up on our offer. (Don’t forget to ask about it at registration!)

If you are attending Detcon1, we’d like to hear from you!

In the meantime – Go Detroit!

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  1. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to Detcon, but I hope plenty of video clips are posted online. I especially would like to see AS contributor Leah Zeldes’ presentation on the history of Detroit fandom, to which I contributed some scans of local fanzine covers from the ’70s.

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