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Scalzi Book Tour Coming To Amazing Stories HQ Backyard (Gibson’s in Concord NH) (at least several AS contributors will be on hand)
Phoenix Pick Monthly Specials
Via Con-Announce Group:  San Jose Pre-Supporting Memberships
Ford Street Publishing News


Diversity In Geekdom (Jemisin, Older & Hopkinson – audio)
SDCC Won’t Modify Anti-Harassment Policy Before Con
Cards Apologizes
Brin’s Smithsonian Talk
SCOTUS Decision: 8 Other Laws Subject To Religious InterpretationMore: More – AN OPEN LETTER TO THE TINY WHITE MAN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS SENT TO LIVE IN MY UNDERPANTS. (hilarious AND biting!) and more on the Ruling’s Broad Reach
In Re the Above:  Not Sure if this should go here or under the Science Heading…How Sex Works: A Crash Course for Supreme Court Justices and People Who invoke storks and cabbages 
Female Justices NOT VERY HAPPY
Strange Fruit:  Uncelebrated Narratives From Black History (& Blast Off!  Black Women In Space!) (Note the prominent “SF” on the cover…)
Gender & Genre Data (via SF Signal)
An Almost Apology For FB’s Screwing With You
Diversity in Gaming – Same Old
No More Mr. Mary Sue (Via Radish Reviews)
On Speaking Up (Via Radish Reviews)


The End Of Kick Ass
Jupiter Ascending (video)
Planet Ale (does ‘Jupiter Ascending’ mean you’ve popped the top?)
Hard To Be A God (A&B Strugatsky) Film Adaptation
July’s New On Netflix (Can I PLEASE Search Alphabetically!?!
NPR Summer SF Reads
Second Best Novels
Czech SF Mag Ikari XB-1
Batman Coming To Home Video (1960s camp version)
Guardians Toys ALREADY In Stores
Planet of the Apes new trailer (video)
Stop Motion Transformers Better Than AOE…? (video)
Famous Actors as Superheroes
Under $5 Deals On Kindle
Civilization:  Beyond Earth Release Date
And Yes:  Even More GotG Spots (video)


Frank M. Robinson 1926 – 2014 & Memoir & Memoir
William C. Martin 1924 – 2014
WSFS Ratification Change Proposal
Murray Leinster Home For Sale
In Defense Of Genre (via SF Signal)
LonCon 3 Program Outline
San Jose Opens Bid For Worldcon
TV Theme Songs (Addams Family & Munsters Make Top Ten)
Why Did Julius Schwartz, Otto Binder and Mort Weisinger Ditch the first ever Worldcon?
Travers Milo – CUFF Delegate
Pratchett Cancels Con Appearance
Portland Wins Westercon (the name should be a clue as to which ‘Portland’)


We Have A Hugo Base!
We Have Hugo Nominated Short Fiction!
1939 Retro Hugo Packet Now Available
Saturn Award Finalists – Gravity Big Winner
Hadfield & Kay Receive Order of Canada
Br. Guy Wins Sagan Medal
Detcon 1 Rolls Out the Classics
Chesley Awards Shortlist
Curt Siodmak Award


Amazon Defending It’s MovesMore and More and More (even the NY Public Library gets in on the act) and…even more (indies should side with Hachette)
SFWA’s New Fiscal Year & New Officers Officially Announced
Interview with SFWA VP Cat Rambo
DC’s New Pay System Is Not So Good


Shostak to Buy Everyone In the Whole Wide World A Cup Of Coffee If We Don’t Make Contact With Aliens Within 25 Years  (Naturally the aliens consider drinking coffee a heinous crime and will be forced to reduce the planet to a cinder once they learn of Dr. Shostak’s monumental offense!)
Science Meets Star Trek (is it 2200 already!?)
More Wrestling With Fermi
Hawking is AScared Of AI
Forget AI:  Homes Vulnerable To Hacking
Not Ready For Robots
Cleaning Up After the Atomic Man
Scary Wasp Homes


John Scalzi Lock In Book Tour

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gibson’s Bookstore 45 S Main St,Concord, NH

I’m hoping to get a good handful of Amazing Stories contributors to attend and hang out with the Hugo winning author and former SFWA president, John Scalzi


Red Tide by Larry Niven, Brad R. Torgersen and Matthew J. Harrington is available for pre-order from Amazon.Click here to get more information or pre-order this new book from one of the true masters of the genre.

Our July issue (issue number nine) is now available. It has some great fiction from both newer authors and stalwarts of the profession such as Kay Kenyon and Michael Swanwick, plus some true classics from writers such as Robert Sheckley. This edition includes a brand-new interview with Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon, plus our usual columns by Gregory Benford and Barry Malzberg, book reviews by Paul Cook, and the continued serialization of the great SF classicLest Darkness Fall by L. Sprague de Camp.

And if that’s not enough, we are going to start our Sargasso Legacy stories in our November issue. You can get a preview of what to expect from the Sargasso Containment (part one of the Legacy) by clicking here (or the graphic below).

Make sure you don’t miss an issue — Subscribe to your preferred format. Digital subscriptions are just $14.99 for an entire year.


Paper subscriptions start at just $6.15 per issue (includes postage and handling). You can even pay for the paper subscription issue by issue instead of having to pay up-front for a whole year.



Ebook of the Month—July

Beyond the Doors of Death by Robert Silverberg & Damien Broderick

“Broad, intriguing speculation on human evolution and first contact.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Born With the Dead” (the novella) was nominated for every major science fiction award when it was originally published in 1974, winning the Nebula and Locus awards.

The author now revisits the classic story with Australian author Damien Broderick. Broderick uses Robert Silverberg’s original novella as a starting point for a brilliant leap into the far future, widening the scope and tenor of the original story by revisiting some of the subtler implications of the original story.

“It’s one of those pieces so powerful that I doubted anyone could create anything of matching strength in the same vein, but Broderick does a good job.”—Don D’Ammassa (

To get your book, look for the link on our online catalogue page or go directly to

BUT WAIT, there’s MORE.

Get Beyond the Doors of Death PLUS two additional books by this Grand Master of Science Fiction.
Details on the download page.

Till next month then.

Thank you and good day,

Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick


The San Jose in 2018 Worldcon bid has just made online pre-support registration available. We’re now able to accept pre-supports from around the world (yes, we’re international-friendly).

Our basic pre-support level is the traditional $20, but we have more options available to you. For more information about our pre-support and pre-oppose levels, and to purchase pre-supporting memberships, please visit our website.


We’re moving out of the house and into an office/warehouse at 162 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, Victoria. A big move for a small press, but a necessary one for Ford Street to expand. More news on this exciting shift soon.

Watch out for our forthcoming picture books:

The Monster Who Ate Australia – Michael Salmon (Aug)
Celia and Nonna – Victoria Lane and Kayleen West (Sept)
Elephants Have Wings – Susanne Gervay and Anna Pignataro (Oct)
Found You! – Mardi Davies (Oct)
Gezani and the Tricky Baboon – Sally Rippin and Valanga Khoza (Nov)


Have you booked your author/illustrator for Book Week (Aug 18 – 22) or Literacy and Numeracy Week (Aug 25 – 30)? We represent over 130 authors and illustrators and can easily arrange a booking for you. Remember, Creative Net does not charge a booking fee. We appreciate the chance of publicity when you visit our website.

Deborah Abela is also available for three one-hour sessions in Melbourne on August 8.

Sally Heinrich will be in Sydney with Jane Jolly on September 1 and 2.

Email me at  if you would like to book any of these interstate authors/illustrators. No accommodation/airfares involved!


In collaboration with Morris Publishing we had a successful six days giving PD sessions and workshops to kids in various schools around Rockhampton. We have two more school festivals in August: Tucker Road Bentleigh PS and Scotch College. Get in touch if you would like more information on hosting a literary event. They’re not as expensive as you might think. Children receive three workshops during the day and a free Ford Street book in a gift bag. We provide ten authors/illustrators, autograph booklet, etc.

For current news as it comes in, check out the websites:


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