Frederik Pohl 1919-2013


Frederik Pohl, Grandmaster, editor, agent and author and futurist, has died.

R. K Troughton recently interviewed Frederik for Amazing Stories.  We will be re-running that interview this Wednesday (9/4), with some additional material by Mr. Troughton.



  1. He was, as far as I’m concerned the finest “sociological SF” who ever lived. His insights combined with Jack Williamson’s sense of wonder made for some unforgettable reading experiences. So much of the mans output from the 50s up into the 80s remain classics to this day. Be it the “Space Merchants”, “Man Plus” or the Heechee series.

    And his debut story appeared in Amazing back in 1937!

    I see passing on at 93 with a long productive life and career that went up into the 21st century as a huge “win” for Mr. Pohl.
    But even if it was time, you still hate to see someone go.

  2. Pohl’s was a giant in the field who left an indelible mark on every aspect of science fiction. He was a terrific writer, excellent editor and an irreplaceable founder of fandom. He will be deeply missed.

  3. Another pioneer of SF has left us. For the last few years I’ve been reading his blog with great enjoyment and was planning on rereading the Pohl books in my library. In his honor I’ll start tonite. Rest well, good Sir, you leave us your legacy.


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